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TMJ Dentist Thousand Oaks

TMJ Dentist Thousand OaksWe use our faces every day to exhale, to eat, to smile, and to connect with people. More than 15% of Americans experience pain around this area in the form of jaw pain, headaches, or earaches. This discomfort may result from a complication involving the temporomandibular joints (TMJ). These joints—one is located on each side of the head—and the surrounding muscles are used in chewing and speaking. If you experience pain around your jaw or face, you may benefit from a trip to our Thousand Oaks TMJ dentist.

When complications occur with the TMJ, it is known as temporomandibular disorder (TMD). TMD can also involve the jaw muscles and facial nerves and may require the attention of our TMJ dentist in Thousand Oaks. If you suffer from TMD, you may experience one or more of these common symptoms:

•    Ear pain
•    Headaches and neck aches
•    Jaw pain when you chew, bite or yawn
In many TMD sufferers, this pain tends to be most prevalent in the morning or late afternoon.
•    Clicking or popping noises when you open your mouth widely
•    Sensitive teeth unrelated to any other dental problems
•    Trouble opening and closing your mouth

Thousand Oaks TMJ Dentist

It is not always apparent how TMD originates. Arthritis has often been linked to this disorder. When teeth do not fit together properly, issues with the TMJ can result. Those who have suffered an injury to the facial area or had their jaw dislocated may also suffer TMD symptoms. Stress often plays a role in TMD. Strenuous physical activity or stressful situations can lead to overuse of the jaw muscles, especially clenching or grinding the teeth, which is also known as bruxism. Our Thousand Oaks TMJ dentist can address these TMD symptoms and prescribe proper treatment.

Diagnosing TMD can be tricky, as there is no standard test used to identify it. Certain dental conditions like toothache or sinus problems can result in similar symptoms, making TMD even murkier. Our TMJ dentist in Thousand Oaks can effectively diagnose and treat TMD after receiving a description of your symptoms and physically examining the face and jaw.

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