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TMJ Syndrome Thousand Oaks

TMJ Syndrome Thousand OaksThe temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your jawbone to your skull and acts like a hinge. This joint allows you to open and close your mouth. You use it every day, and when pain develops around the TMJ and its surrounding facial muscles and nerves, you may suffer from TMJ syndrome. Roughly 15% of Americans suffer from TMJ disorder, the majority of whom are women, especially those of childbearing age (between 20 and40). Our expert in TMJ syndrome in Thousand Oaks can discuss your symptoms with you in order to administer proper treatment.

TMJ disorder is typically marked by jaw pain or limitation of movement surrounding the jaw joints. If you experience discomfort around your jaw, wait a few days before seeking treatment. Jaw-related pain often goes away with time, once the jaw muscles have had time to recover from strain.

Thousand Oaks TMJ Syndrome

However, if you experience the following symptoms, you may suffer from a TMJ disorder and benefit from a visit with our Thousand Oaks TMJ syndrome expert:

•    Pain or tenderness around the jaw
•    Ear aches or pain in the ear
•    Aching around the facial muscles
•    Difficulty chewing food
•    Locking of the TMJ, resulting in difficulty opening and closing your mouth to bite or yawn
•    A clicking or grating sound when opening your mouth or chewing

At your initial appointment with our expert in TMJ syndrome in Thousand Oaks, you will be asked to provide a description of your symptoms including a timeline for when they began and how often they have been occurring. Your stress level will most likely be addressed, as high stress often exacerbates TMJ disorder. If you regularly take any medications or supplements, be sure to tell our doctor. After reviewing your medical history, our doctor will provide a physical examination. Our doctor will listen to and feel your jaw as it opens and closes. In many cases, TMJ related pain goes away without treatment. Our doctor may prescribe pain medication, muscle relaxants, or even a bite guard to wear at night.

To get a handle on your own TMJ disorder, schedule a consultation with our Thousand Oaks TMJ syndrome expert.

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